CEWOOD visited by the Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development

The Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Artūrs Toms Plešs and the advisor to the Minister Miks Strazdiņš visited the Alūksne municipality while on a regional work visit. The Minister visited the CEWOOD plant in order to see the product of successful co-operation between the local authority and businesses in the municipality.

CEWOOD is an important company in the municipality of Alūksne. It is one of the largest employers and tax payers there. Up to now, CEWOOD has engaged in a very successful co-operation with the local authority, and the Minister was interested to learn more about this positive example, the principles of operation of the company, the exporting experience and — most importantly of all — the development plans and future co-operation with the local government.

“As one of the industry leaders, CEWOOD exports a large part of its products around the globe; we extensively focus on the development of the plant, thereby fostering regional development, too. This synergy has allowed the municipality of Alūksne to achieve an important goal — jobs for locals and resources for municipal development. We have been fortunate to co-operate successfully with the local authority, and we also feel the support in the stages of planning and implementation of our future development plans,” states CEWOOD Board Member Ingars Ūdris.

“I am particularly pleased with the co-operation between businesses and local authority and the fact that there are large production companies in the municipality offering innovative products to the whole world, all the while growing and developing with ideas, plans and ambitious goals. This is the best point of reference for the assessment of a local authority’s efforts when businesses appreciate it and are laudatory to it. Close co-operation between the state, the ministry and the local government is of great importance to enable the development of these companies that will ensure well-paid jobs to the locals; moreover, this is also a priority of the ministry.
I was assured that the municipality of Alūksne has fine ideas and plans. It is important to be able to apply for various types of support instruments. The Alūksne local authority has a good team that works well together. This is a great advantage to the municipality, and the locals will be able to appreciate the result of the effort,” concluded A. T. Plešs at the end of the visit.