Healthy indoor climate with CEWOOD panels

These days, we spend most of our time indoors – at work, at home or in school, etc. So a vital aspect of ensuring quality of life and well-being is comfort indoors in the form of good sound and heat insulation, air quality and so on. If any of these aspects is not good enough, the people in these spaces will quickly notice or even feel long-term discomfort. On the other hand, if everything is fine, they’ll feel good, energetic, active and eager to get down to work.  


Health and comfort start with the selection of materials

You need to start thinking about indoor comfort before the start of construction or repair work, carefully considering your choice of finishing materials. It is vital that the quality of the materials is as high as possible, that they are accessible in terms of price, easy to assemble, healthy, of natural origin and that they comply with modern requirements.

The importance of the micro climate in a room to the prevention of allergies and asthma

A poor indoor micro climate increases the risk posed by asthma and allergy-related illnesses. For people who suffer from these ailments, it is equally important that the rooms in which they spend of most of their time do not contain allergens and are a safe environment. To ensure this, the correct selection of interior elements (no mats or curtains, etc.) and finishing materials is vital. Finishing materials must be of natural origin, with no harmful fumes or needless chemical ingredients.

CEWOOD acoustic panel assessment with the NaturePlus certificate

CEWOOD acoustic panels for ceiling and wall finishing conform to all the latest requirements. They are of 100% natural origin. Thanks to the main ingredient in the panels – wood shavings and special production technology, they have properties typical of wood. So the panels can guarantee a good micro climate indoors, preserving consistent humidity and temperature level, as well as significantly improving the acoustics within a room. The quality of CEWOOD acoustic panels and their compliance to high environmental and health and safety requirements is confirmed by the fact that they have been awarded the well-known international NaturePlus certificate.

NaturePlus is an international certificate that certifies the sustainability of building materials and quality compliance to health, environmental friendliness and functionality requirements. The NaturePlus quality sign demonstrates the manufacturer’s understanding of health, environmentally friendly production and protection of natural resources.

The main benefits of CEWOOD panels

Ceiling and wall finishing panels are exclusively made from materials of 100% natural origin – shavings from trees grown in Latvia, water and cement. The panels are easy to assemble and do not require any treatment once they have been installed, in other words no filling or painting are required. What’s more, they are very affordably priced. CEWOOD panels guarantee acoustic comfort, a good indoor micro climate, they have good fire safety metrics, are easy to clean and thermally inert.